Airport Safety Information Video Series

The Airport Safety Video Series highlights important safety issues, encourages the use of new technologies, and publicizes changes to airport safety-related guidance and policy. Sign up to receive alerts when we release a new video.

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The video and introduction outline the success of previous initiatives to enhance airport safety and discuss the national efforts underway to further reduce the risk of runway incursions at airports. The video also discusses the FAA's collaborative partnerships with the aviation community to improve runway safety at U.S. airports. Released May 2016.

Successful reporting and creation of the Wildlife Strike Database (jointly administered by USDA and FAA) is reducing the impact of wildlife strikes on both commercial and general aviation. Warning: This video contains graphic images of wildlife struck by aircraft. Viewer discretion is advised. Released October 2022.

This video launches a nationwide pre-season campaign for winter operations safety. It reminds airports to review their Snow and Ice Control Plans and offers best practices for snow and ice control. Released October 2014.

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Last updated: Friday, May 5, 2023