Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Updates

PFC Update memos provide policy updates for the PFC program in response to changes in industry practices and program emphases.

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PFC Updates
Number and Title Date
PFC Update 76-24: Lapse in FAA Authorization February 27, 2024
PFC Update 75-21: Eligibility of On-airport Rail Access Projects (PDF) (added 1/12/2021) January 12, 2021
PFC Update 74-20: Digital Signature of PFC Documents (PDF) May 1, 2020
PFC Update 73-20: Streamlined Procedures for Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Authorizations at Small-, Medium-, and Large-Hub Airports (PDF) January 22, 2020
PFC Update 72-19: Changes to the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Levels Above $3 (PDF) May 9, 2019
PFC Update 71-19: Oversight of Public Agency Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program (PDF) April 1, 2019
PFC Update 70-17: Expediting Review of Costs Associated with PFC-funded Contract Towers (PDF) May 24, 2017
PFC Update 69-12: Implementation of Changes from the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (PDF) Sept. 14, 2012
PFC Update 66-11: Large and Medium Hub Airport Forecast Revenue Report (PDF) June 9, 2011
PFC Update 65-11: Public Agency Collection Information (PDF) Jan. 13, 2011
PFC Update 64-10: PFC Application Forms (PDF) Sept. 15, 2010
PFC Update 63-10: PFC Air Carrier Reporting Module (PDF) (revised 9/17/2010) June 3, 2010
PFC Update 62-10: Passenger Facility Charge Delegation of Authority (PDF) March 11, 2010
PFC Update 61-10: Common Use Terminal Equipment Eligibility (PDF) Dec. 1, 2009
PFC Update 60-10: Streamlined PFC Application Procedures for Non-Hub Airports (PDF, 1.73 MB) Dec. 1, 2009
PFC Update 59-09: Completion of 'For FAA Use' portions of Attachment Bs (PDF, 1.89 MB) July 30, 2009
PFC Update 58-09: Streamlined PFC Application Procedures for Non-Hub Airports (PDF, 2.32 MB) April 2, 2009
PFC Update 57-09: Annual Request for PFC Collections (PDF) Feb. 4, 2009
PFC Update 56-09: Streamlined PFC Application Procedures for Non-Hub Airports (PDF) Oct. 7, 2008
PFC Update 55-08: Streamlined PFC Application Procedures for Non-Hub Airports (PDF) July 21, 2008
PFC Update 54-08: Expiration of Non-Hub Pilot Program (PDF) Feb. 25, 2008
PFC Update 53-08: SOAR PFC Collections Data, PFC Application Forms, Decision Closures in SOAR, Posted Messages in SOAR, and Sequencing SOAR Entries (PDF) Nov. 14, 2007
PFC Update 50-06: Detailed Basis of Cost Information, New Project Certifications, and Changes to the Final Agency Decision (PDF) Sept. 8, 2006
PFC Update 49-05: Changes to the PFC Program Resulting from the Non-Hub Pilot Program and Related Streamlining Changes Final Rule (PDF) April 29, 2005
PFC Update 48-05: Annual Request for PFC Collections Data and Interest Earned on PFC Collections (PDF) Feb. 11, 2005
PFC Update 47-04: Low-Emission Airport Vehicles and Ground Support Equipment (PDF) Sept. 30, 2004
PFC Update 45-05: Status of Vision 100 Rulemaking Efforts, Use of PFC Revenue for Debt Service, Applicability of PFCs to Military Charters, Low Emission Vehicles, Transmitting PFC Documents and Reports, and Change in Carrier Compensation Rate (PDF) April 27, 2004
PFC Update 41-02: PFC Project Completion Certificates and Application Closeout Form (PDF) Sept. 30, 2002
PFC Update 40-02: August 1 Report, Streamlined PFC Decisions Report, and Quarterly Report (PDF) July 18, 2002
PFC Update 39-02: Collections for CY2001, Collections for Large and Medium Hubs Subject to AIP Reductions, Quarterly Report, and Electronic Transmittal of Decisions and Amendments (PDF) Feb. 26, 2002
PFC Update 38-02: Temporary Emergency Authority To Use Unliquidated PFC Revenue For Interest Bearing Loans to Fund Other Airport Expenses — Extension of Application Deadline (PDF) Dec. 18, 2001
PFC Update 37-02: PFC Application Closeout, Electronic Transmittal, and Quarterly Report (PDF) Nov. 29, 2001
PFC Update 36-02: Oversight of Public Agency PFC Annual Audits (PDF) Nov. 2, 2001
PFC Update 35-02: Temporary Emergency Authority To Use Unliquidated PFC Revenue (PDF) Oct. 5, 2001
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