General Aviation Airports Reports

The FAA conducted a national review of the general aviation airports resulting in two reports, General Aviation Airports: A National Asset issued in May 2012 and ASSET 2 issued in March 2014. These categories have been incorporated into the biennial NPIAS with criteria shown in Appendix C of the current NPIAS Report.

General Aviation Airports: A National Asset (ASSET 1)

General Aviation Airports Report

General Aviation Airports: A National Asset documents an 18-month study of the nearly 3,000 general aviation (GA) airports, heliports, and seaplane bases identified in FAA's National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). This in-depth analysis highlights for the traveling public the pivotal role GA airports play in our society, economy, and the aviation system. The study also aligns the GA airports into four categories — national, regional, local, and basic — based on their existing activity levels. The new categories better capture their diverse functions and the economic contributions GA airports make to their communities and the Nation.

ASSET 2: In-Depth Review of 497 Unclassified Airports

ASSET 2 Cover

The 2012 study was unable to categorize a number of airports. ASSET 2: In-Depth Review of the 497 Unclassified Airports documents the results of the 2014 follow-on study of these facilities.

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