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The Airport Safety Program addresses general aviation airport safety, runway safety, airports certificated under 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 139, and safety management systems (SMS).

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Popular Forms

Subject/Title Number Other Formats Notes
Airport Master Record 5010-3   Access blank form for newly established public-use airports.
Airport Master Record 5010-5   Access blank form for newly established private-use airports.
Report a Strike 5200-7 Online reporting Used by pilots, airports, and others to report bird and animal strikes
Application for Airport Operating Certificate 5280-1   See Part 139 Airport Certification for more information.
Compliance Letter 5280-6   Template for FAA staff to use when reporting discrepancies found during Part 139 inspections.
Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration 7460-1 E-filing (follow instructions on site) Notifies the FAA of construction or alteration that might affect navigable airspace (49 CFR part 77)
Notice of Landing Area Proposal 7480-1 E-filing (follow instructions on site) Notifies the FAA of any construction, alteration, activation, deactivation, or change to the status or use of a civil or joint-use (civil/military) airport (part 157)

Recent Federal Register Notices

Airport Safety
Subject/Title Date
Applicability of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Review of Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Plans (81 FR 72145) (PDF) 10/13/2016
National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems: Clarification of Wildlife Hazard Management Requirements for Non-Certificated Federally Obligated Airports - Extension of Comment Period (78 FR 5861) (PDF) 1/28/2013
Safety Management Systems (SMS)
Subject/Title Date
Safety Management System for Certificated Airports; Extension of Comment Period (76 FR 12300) (PDF) 3/7/2011



Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Fuel System Icing Inhibitor Video

Control of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor and Diesel Exhaust Fluid at Airports

FAA Disclaimer: The Energy Institute (EI) produced the video. The EI is a non-profit chartered professional membership body, based in the United Kingdom, that brings together professionals working globally across the energy sector. The body works to address global challenges and uses their skills and knowledge to suggest safety practices that also protect the environment. The FAA encourages users of the aviation system to clearly and safely label Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Fuel System Icing Inhibitor and keep them stored in separate areas, to avoid any accidental mixing of fluids.


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