Airport Pavement Design & Construction – Associated with Advisory Circulars 150/5320-6, 150/5335-5, 150/5370-10, 150/5380-6, and 150/5380-7

More than half of all Airport Improvement Program funds go toward constructing or rehabilitating runways, taxiways, and aprons. FAA pavement standards help protect this investment by ensuring pavements last as long as possible with the least amount of maintenance.

Airport Pavements Video

This video explains the differences between highway pavements following State DOT specifications and airport pavements following FAA standard specifications.

Sample PCC Joint Plans

  • PCC Joint Detail - Crossover TW: PDF, DXF
  • PCC Joint Detail - Entrance TW: PDF, DXF
  • PCC Joint Detail - Tee TW: PDF, DXF
  • PCC Joint Detail - High Speed TW: PDF, DXF
  • PCC Joint Detail - Sections: PDF, DXF
  • PCC Joint Detail - Details: PDF, DXF

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