Airport Financial Reporting Program

Filing or Amending Airport Financial Reports

Each year, U.S. commercial airports must file the following financial reports with FAA:

  • The Financial Government Payment Report, FAA Form 5100-126. For reporting the payments the airport makes to governmental entities, the services the airport performs for governmental entities, and the land and facilities the airport provides to such entities.
  • The Operating and Financial Summary, FAA Form 5100-127. For reporting airport revenues, expenses, and other financial information.

Airports can file or amend these reports through the Airport Financial Reporting Program Web site. The above-listed brochure contains instructions for using the Airport Financial Reporting Program Web site.

Viewing Airport Financial Reports Online

The public can view consolidated versions of financial reports from about 550 commercial airports that have filed with FAA since 1996. The available reports, however, might not represent all commercial service airports required to file forms with FAA. The online database includes only those reports received and processed by the FAA Office of Airport Compliance and Management Analysis, Airport Compliance Division, Washington, DC, from the date of last revision.

Viewing Reports

Airport financial reports available online are presented, in aggregate, by calendar year. For example, any airport that reported its financial information for a fiscal year ending in 1996 can be found in the listing for 1996 Airport financial reports.

You can search the listing by Airport, Location Identifier, State, FAA Region, or Fiscal Year. For example, you can find the financial report for the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport by searching for the Location Identifier "DCA."

Questions about Report Availability

If a report you are seeking is not available on this page, please contact the FAA's Airport Compliance Division at (202) 267-3085.

Using Data from the Airport Financial Reporting Program Web Site

The information presented on this site is based on the financial data provided by each airport. The FAA makes no representation about the validity and accuracy of the airport financial data presented.

Last updated: Monday, August 1, 2022