Airports Forms

Some Regional Airport Offices have prepared variations of these forms and instructions for use by airports in their regions. Before completing a form, please check with the appropriate Airport Regional or District Office to determine which form you should use.

A note on OMB expiration dates:

Forms that show past expiration dates are still valid as long as the OMB collection number continues to appear in the OMB Information Collection Current Inventory. To confirm the status of a collection number, you can search the information collection database by adding the OMB Control number you are looking for and specifying the ICR Status as “active”. The results will identify the “current expiration date”. Collections often receive month-to-month approvals if OMB has not completed its review before the expiration date. Once the final approval is received, we will revise the date on the form. If we cancel a collection, we will remove the form from the site.
Last updated: Thursday, May 16, 2024