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April 2024
Release Date Item
April 15 Draft Recommendations for Noise Abatement Entries in the FAA’s Chart Supplement
Comments requested by June 17, 2024.
April 12 Fluorine-free Foam (F3) Transition Awareness Presentation
April 3 Deadline for Notification of Intent to Use the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Primary, Cargo, and Nonprimary Entitlement Funds Available to Date for Fiscal Year 2024 (89 FR 23081)
April 2 Airport Improvement Program (AIP) 2023-2025 Supplemental Appropriation
March 2024
Release Date Item
March 28 Updated PFC Monthly Reports
March 26 Advisory Circular 150/5210-7E, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Communications
March 25 Updated Part 139 Airport Certification Status List
March 25 Airport Design Technical Video: Airport Airspace Protection
March 21 Advanced Air Mobility Infrastructure added to New and Emerging Entrants On Airports
March 18 Part 139 CertAlert 24-04: Information on Best Practices for Cleaning Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) Vehicles Transitioning from Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) to Fluorine-Free Foam (F3)
March 18 Updated Bipartisan Infrastructure Law FAQs
March 12 Engineering Policy Memo 24-01: Initiation and Planning of Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP)
March 1 Part 139 CertAlert 24-03: Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management
February 2024
Release Date Item
February 29 Updated Part 139 Airport Certification Status List with Updated SMS Waiver Data
February 29 Updated PFC Monthly Reports
February 28 Advisory Circular 150/5210-14C, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Equipment, Tools and Personal Protective Equipment
February 27 PFC Update 76-24: Lapse in FAA Authorization
February 23 Airfield Operating Surfaces Video
February 16 Part 139 CertAlert 24-02: Autonomous Ground Vehicle Systems (AGVS) Technology on Airports
February 15 FY 2024 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Airport Terminal Program Grants Announced
February 13 Errata Sheet for AC 150/5210-6E, Aircraft Fire Extinguishing Agents for Airports
February 12 Engineering Brief 94A, Accommodating the Boeing B-777 Folding Wingtip Airplane onto Airports
February 7 Part 139 CertAlert 24-01: Part 139 Requirements for Issuing a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) When the Airport Operator Has No Operative Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Equipment Available on the Airport
February 5 Calendar Year 2023 All-Cargo Reporting (Form 5100-108)
February 2 Calendar Year 2023 Airport Activity Survey (Form 1800-31)
January 2024
Release Date Item
January 31 Updated Part 139 Airport Certification Status List with Updated SMS Waiver Data
January 31 Updated PFC Monthly Reports
January 29 January through December 2023 PFC Decisions
January 11 Updated Part 139 Airport Certification Status List with Updated SMS Waiver Data
January 10 Updated FAQs for Airport SMS Implementation (see Questions 15, 30, 35)
January 5 Updated Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) Inventory of Airport Location as of December 31, 2023
January 4 Final Written Re-evaluation of 2021 Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision for Proposed Replacement Passenger Terminal Project, Bob Hope “Hollywood Burbank” Airport Burbank, Los Angeles County, California, December 2023
Last updated: Monday, April 15, 2024