Passenger Boarding (Enplanement) and All-Cargo Data for U.S. Airports

Passenger boarding (enplanement) and all-cargo data is extracted from the FAA's Air Carrier Activity database. This database supports the FAA's airport categories for use in apportionment formula calculations under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law programs.
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Passenger boarding and all-cargo data is collected for a full calendar year and is used in calculating airport categories and entitlements for the next full fiscal year (i.e., calendar year 2022 data determines Fiscal Year 2024 category and funds).

  • Preliminary Calendar Year 2022 enplanement and all-cargo data became available in June 2023.
  • Final Calendar Year 2022 enplanement and all-cargo data became available in late August 2023.

Airports can view their individual CY2022 enplanement report on our Airports External Portal (AEP). Please select "ENPLANEMENT PUBLIC REPORT & FORM" on the AEP Site (See CY 2022 ATCO Preliminary and Final Review Information).

See Abbreviations for an explanation of the abbreviations used in the enplanements and cargo files column headings.

CY 2022 Passenger Boarding Data
Passenger Boardings, Rank Order, and Percent Change from 2021 (added 9/1/2023)
Enplanements at All Commercial Service Airports (by Rank)
Enplanements at All Airports (Primary, Non-primary Commercial Service, and General Aviation) by State and Airport

CY 2022 All-Cargo Airports by Landed Weight
Cargo Data (added 8/24/2023)
Qualifying Cargo Airports, Rank Order, and Percent Change from 2021

Previous Calendar Year Data


  • CY = Calendar Year (January 1 through December 31)
  • RO = FAA Regional Office
  • ST = Abbreviation for U.S. State or Territory
  • Locid = Location Identifier for a specific airport
  • S/L = Service Level - These are Airport Categories (P = Primary, CS = Commercial Service, GA = General Aviation).
  • Hub = Hub Size and applies to Commercial Service Airport Categories (L = Large, M = Medium, S = Small, N = Nonhub Primary, and None = All airports but Primary) based on total CY enplanements.
Last updated: Thursday, April 25, 2024