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The Airport Safety and Operations Division includes the Safety and Certification Program. The division holds primary responsibility for the safety and certification of airports; airport operations and safety practices, including aircraft rescue and firefighting and the mitigation of wildlife hazards; promotion of emergency operations, emergency management planning, and damage control at civil airports; and Federal activities at airports and their restoration after attack or a natural disaster.


General Inquiries

Federal Aviation Administration
Airport Safety and Operations Division (AAS-300)
800 Independence Avenue SW
Washington DC 20591

Phone: (202) 267-8731
Fax: (202) 267-5383

Staff Directory
Name Position Responsibilities
Birke Rhodes Manager  
Tony Butters Deputy Manager  
Melissa Richmond Secretary  
Burt Alphonse Management and Program Analyst
  • Runway Safety Liaison, Data Collection, TALPA, GA Safety
Amy Anderson Wildlife Biologist
  • Wildlife Hazard Mitigation
Stephanie Austin Management and Program Analyst
  • Data Collection, CCMIS
Phillip Davenport Airport Certification Safety Inspector
  • Internal Safety Management Systems, TALPA, Global Report Format, Part 139
Vacant Airport Certification Safety Inspector
  • Runway Safety Liaison, Runway Incursion Action Team, Part 139
Keri Lyons Technical Support Advisor
  • New Entrants, UAS, Commercial Space, UAM
Alberto Rodriguez Airport Certification Safety Inspector
  • ACSI Training, Midway Island POC, TALPA, Global Report Format, Part 139
Jim Schroeder Management and Program Analyst
  • External Safety Management Systems, UAS, Commercial Space
Chel Schweiter Management and Program Analyst
  • Emergency Operations, PRA
Marc Tonnacliff Senior Aircraft Fire Fighting Specialist
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting, AEP, Fueling Operations
John Weller Wildlife Biologist
  • Wildlife Hazard Mitigation
Dale Williams Airport Certification Safety Inspector
  • UAS, UAM, Part 139