Office of Airports Compliance and Management Analysis


The Office of Airport Compliance and Management Analysis comprises two unique groups: Financial Management Analysis and Airport Compliance.

  • The Financial Management Analysis group enforces statutory requirements of airport revenue use at commercial service airports, while providing oversight to single audit resolution and performing mandated revenue reviews.
  • The Airport Compliance Program interprets, recommends, and develops policies and resolves matters that involve the Federal obligations of airport sponsors. It also adjudicates formal complaints and FAA-initiated investigations under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 16, Rules of Practice for Federally Assisted Airport Enforcement Proceedings, and monitors airport sponsor compliance with limits on the use of airport revenue.


Contact Information

Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Airport Compliance and Management Analysis (ACO)
800 Independence Ave SW
Washington DC 20591

Phone: (202) 267-3085
Fax: (202) 267-4630

  • Director
    Michael Helvey
  • Senior Specialist
    Lorraine Herson-Jones
  • Secretary
    Natalie Curtis
  • Administrative Officer
    Jason Lee
  • Airports Training Manager
    Jackie Brucker
  • National Resource Expert
    Miguel Vasconcelos

Last updated: Wednesday, January 03, 2024