Airfield Drivers

This section for Airfield Drivers is best suited for those personnel operating on the AOA (Airport Operations Area) to learn and utilize tools which aide you best to help improve safety on the runway. It includes best practices, educational tools and resources, airport diagrams and hot spots, training and instruction, and briefings or meetings specifically tailored for Airfield Drivers.

Do I Have a Clearance to Proceed?

A vehicle driver contacted the ground controller and requested to drive on Taxiway Alpha and check Runway XX. The controller responded with, “proceed as requested,” which the driver read back correctly. The vehicle driver proceeded on Taxiway A and entered Runway XX without an appropriate clearance. At the time, an arrival aircraft was on a 1 mile final and was instructed to go around.

There is confusion in the phraseology that is used between the air traffic controller and the vehicle driver.

FAA Order 7110.65, Chapter 3, Section 7 instructs air traffic controllers to use the word “Runway” when clearing vehicles to hold short or proceed onto or cross a runway. The order also allows controllers to use “Proceed” in lieu of a lengthy readback when a vehicle requests access to movement areas that are not runways.

If a vehicle driver does not hear the word “Runway” when requesting access onto or across a runway, they should hold their position and question the controller. Review the document linked below. The FAA recommends incorporating this information into your training programs and share the information with all vehicle operators to promote situational awareness and understanding of correct phraseology at airports.

Winter Operations Video

Airport operations related to snow and ice control can be a complex, dynamic and demanding endeavor. This video prepares airport vehicle drivers for the challenges they may face and best practices during winter weather.

Last updated: Thursday, May 25, 2023