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Runway Safety

Videos and Animation

From The Flight Deck

Hazards and Hot Spots

FAA's From the Flight Deck video series provides pilots with actual runway approach and airport taxiway footage captured with cockpit mounted cameras, combined with diagrams and visual graphics to clearly identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive items.

View the map below for From the Flight Deck videos and links to location-specific safety information. New locations will be added to the map as videos become available.

Primary Traffic Type General Aviation Commercial / Air Taxi
Video Status Video Available Video Coming Soon

Runway Safety Pilot Simulator

FAA's Runway Safety Pilot Simulator video series is a self-guided resource to assist flight instructors with teaching student pilots surface safety best practices, before they step foot into the cockpit. It allows student pilots to navigate on airport surfaces while communicating with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and following instructions provided. The scenarios are interactive and allow viewers to make decisions based on ATC instructions.

Watch the animated scenarios below:

Runway Safety Pilot Simulator - Scenario 1 & Scenario 2, Use the Airport Diagram, Eliminate Destractions

For more information about these products, contact the FAA Runway Safety Program team.

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