FAA Order JO 7400.2 - Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters

This order specifies procedures for use by all personnel in the joint administration of the airspace program. The guidance and procedures herein incorporate into one publication as many orders, notices, and directives of the affected services as possible. Although every effort has been made to prescribe complete procedures for the management of the different airspace programs, it is impossible to cover every circumstance. Therefore, when a situation arises for which there is no specific procedure covered in this order, personnel must exercise their best judgment.

This order consists of the following parts:

  1. Part 1 addresses general procedures applicable to airspace management.
  2. Part 2 addresses policy and procedures unique to Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace.
  3. Part 3 addresses policy and procedures unique to Airport Airspace Analysis.
  4. Part 4 addresses policy and procedures unique to Terminal and En Route Airspace.
  5. Part 5 addresses policy and procedures unique to Special Use Airspace.
  6. Part 6 addresses policy and procedures unique to Miscellaneous Procedures such as: the integration of Outdoor Laser Operations, High Intensity Light Operations, Integration of Rocket and Launch-Vehicle Operations into the National Airspace System, Environmental Matters, and Parasail Operations.

Explanation of Changes 2

Effective: March 21, 2024

Change: 2

FAA National Headquarters (FOB−10B), Mission Support Services Policy (AJV-P)

United States Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration

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