Section 4. Notices to Air Missions

  1. To enhance safety of flight, the appropriate Service Center OSG must prepare the NOTAM, for visible lasers or if requested by the facility having jurisdiction over that airspace, and submit the NOTAM via the NOTAM Entry System (NES) no earlier than seven days prior to the start of the proposed laser activity.
  2. The NOTAM will emphasize the potential hazardous effects and other related phenomena that may be encountered by laser light emissions. Include facility to notify, and any other information deemed appropriate.
  3. The Service Center OSG may further delegate notification responsibility to the Air Traffic facility.
  4. When deemed appropriate, the Service Center OSG may direct the proponent to activate or cancel the FDC NOTAM, specific to the laser activity. The Service Center OSG must explain the responsibility of the proponent concerning appropriate NOTAM actions.
  5. The Service Center OSG is responsible for canceling the NOTAM except as noted above in paragraph 29-4-1c and d.