Appendix 11. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Notification of Proposed Project(s) Template

Concept of Project, Air Traffic Control Procedure, or Operational Change(s)

The FAA is in the process of conducting an Initial Environmental Review to determine the type of environmental analysis required under FAA Order 1050.1, Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures, [include link to FAA Order 1050.1]. The FAA regards community involvement as an essential element in the development of programs and decisions that affect the public and values your input at this early stage of development.

Below is a description of potential procedural or operational changes with attached graphics for your review. If you have any comments, please send them to the FAA by [insert date] to the following location:

[Include a method to solicit public comments, such as an ATO project link, email or mailing address. Note: Include notice in FAA Order 1050.1, paragraph 6-2.2g, if appropriate.]

Please provide your contact information with your comments. Your input will be considered to the extent applicable. In addition, for periodic updates on the status of the project including details on the ongoing environmental review per FAA Order 1050.1 Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures, please [Provide instructions on how to get updates on the project such as through an FAA project link or individual point of contact.] You will be notified of FAA's final determination per the contact information you provided.

Proposed Project Description

[Include a one or two paragraph general description of the proposed air traffic procedure change(s) and attach before and after graphics to illustrate the changes that can be clearly understood by those not familiar with air traffic control procedures. See also Appendix 5, Air Traffic Initial Environmental Review, Project Description section for other potential information to include.]

Purpose and Need

[Include a one or two paragraph description of the purpose of need of the project. See also Appendix 5, Air Traffic Initial Environmental Review, Purpose and Need Description section for potential information to include.]