Section 5. Aircraft Illumination Actions

  1. If an Air Traffic Control (ATC) field facility receives or initiates a complaint indicating that an outdoor laser operation is not performing as expected or not conforming to the conditions outlined in the Letter of Determination (LOD), the facility will:
  1. Contact the proponent using the “emergency” telephone number and instruct that the laser activity be terminated or adjusted. The termination or application of additional/adjusted mitigation will be at the discretion of the ATC field facility.
  2. Notify the Regional Operations Center (ROC) and file an Incident Report, FAA Form 8020-11, in accordance with FAA Order 8020.16, Chapter 3, Air Traffic and Other Initial Notification and Reporting Responsibilities.
  3. Notify the Service Center POC of the expectations or conditions of the LOD which were not met.
  1. The Service Center POC will notify the Mission Support Services Program Manager and the assigned geographical AWO of the incident and provide the available details of the incident and any actions taken.
  2. If an ATC field facility receives information from a specialist, pilot or passenger that laser/high intensity light from an unknown source has illuminated an aircraft, the facility will comply with the requirements outlined in Advisory Circular 70-2, Reporting of Laser Illumination of Aircraft.


Suspected intentional illumination of an aircraft may constitute a violation of 14 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 91.11. In those situations the geographic area FSDO should be notified.