Section 2. Processing


Submit CFA proposals and renewal requests to the appropriate Service Center OSG at least 4 months prior to the desired effective date.


CFA proposals must include the applicable items from Chapter 21, Section 3. In addition, provide the following information:

  1. Justification for establishing a CFA instead of a restricted area. This justification should be included in the DoD proponent's environmental documentation drafted in accordance with FAA Order 1050.1 and Chapter 33 of this Order when the FAA is designated cooperating agency for the DoD's proposed action that requires the use of FAA-controlled airspace.
  2. Visual surveillance and safety procedures to be applied.

Upon receipt of a CFA proposal, the Service Center OSG must:

  1. Assign a nonrulemaking study number.
  2. Determine if circularization of the proposal is required.
  3. Review the proposal for justification and compliance with CFA criteria.
  4. Determine if the proposed CFA would conflict with the requirements of other airspace users. Consider proximity of ATS routes, VFR flyways, etc.
  5. Evaluate the adequacy of surveillance and safety procedures.
  6. Determine limitations, safety precautions, or other requirements to be observed as conditions of approval.
  7. Issue an approval letter to the proponent (see paragraph 27-2-4), or inform the proponent in writing if the CFA is disapproved.

Inform the proponent in writing of the approval or renewal of the CFA. Include the following information as required:

  1. CFA description (boundaries, altitudes, and times of use).
  2. Activity for which the CFA is approved.
  3. Using agency name.
  4. Effective/expiration date(s).
  5. Conditions, operating limitations, and safety precautions to be observed (see Section 3 of this chapter).
  6. Additional provisions, if needed.
  7. Instructions for the user to notify the operators of airports in the vicinity of the CFA of the activities to be conducted, if required.
  8. Instructions and suspense date for submitting a CFA renewal request, if applicable.