Section 2. Airport Study

  1. The purpose of an aeronautical study is to determine what effect the proposal may have on compliance with Airports Programs, the safe and efficient utilization of the navigable airspace by aircraft, and the safety of persons and property on the ground.
  2. A complete study consists of an airspace analysis, a flight safety review, and a review of the proposal's potential effect on air traffic control operations and air navigation facilities.
  3. Each phase of the airport aeronautical study requires complete and accurate data to enable the FAA to provide the best possible advice regarding the merits of the proposal on the NAS.

Regional Airports Division personnel must assign a nonrule airports (NRA) aeronautical study number to each airport case in accordance with paragraph 2-4-2. Construction or alteration of navigation and communication aids may either be handled by the specific Technical Operations Services area office as a nonrule (NR) aeronautical study or by the specific Airports Division personnel as a NRA case.


To the extent required, conduct an aeronautical study of the following:

  1. Airport proposals submitted under the provisions of Part 157. Airport proposals on public-use airports, not requiring notice under Part 157, may require notice under Part 77.
  2. Construction safety plans as appropriate for Airport Improvement Program requests for aid and the Airports Regional Capital Improvement Program.
  3. Notices of existing airports where prior notice of the airport construction or alteration was not provided as required by Part 157.
  4. The disposal and conveyance of Federal surplus and non-surplus real property for public airport purposes, as determined necessary by FAA.
  5. Airport layout plans, including consideration of the effect of structures which may restrict control tower line-of-sight capability and effects upon electronic and visual aids to air navigation.
  6. Military proposals for military airports used only by the armed forces.
  7. Military proposals on joint-use (civil/military) airports.
  8. Proposed designation of instrument runways.
  9. Airport site selection feasibility studies and recommendations.
  10. Existing airport conditions not meeting applicable design standards, as determined necessary by FAA.
  11. Any other airport case when deemed necessary to assess the safe and efficient use of the navigable airspace by aircraft and/or the safety of aircraft, persons, and property on the ground.