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  • From the Flight Deck - Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport (RVS)

    From the Flight Deck - Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport (RVS)Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. airport (RVS), also known as the Jones–Riverside Airport, or simply ‘Riverside’, is located just southwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The larger Tulsa International Airport is located 10 miles northeast of the field on the opposite side of the city. This makes Riverside an attractive alternative for business and general aviation itinerant aircraft. It is also home to six active flight schools and numerous hangered private aircraft. The mix of experience levels and aircraft performance make Riverside a challenging airport for both pilots and controllers. This video prepares pilots for hot spots and other configuration issues at RVS. FAA's From the Flight Deck video series uses cockpit mounted cameras to capture runway and taxiway footage and combines them with diagrams and visual graphics to clearly identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive items. Learn more at

    Feb 26, 2021

  • Black History Month - Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims on African American Luminaries From His Life

    Black History Month - Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims on African American Luminaries From His LifeBradley Mims, the FAA's Deputy Administrator, reflects on the African American luminaries from his life who inspired his career in transportation, including Congressman John Lewis and Carmen Turner, the first Black woman to run a major transit system. Kick-start your career in transportation with an internship at the FAA! Find more info, including details about the Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Program, at

    Feb 26, 2021

  • High-Fidelity Flight Safety Analysis Webinar

    High-Fidelity Flight Safety Analysis WebinarWatch LIVE: Commercial Space Transportation is holding the High-Fidelity Flight Safety Analysis Webinar on Advisory Circular 450.115-1. Submit questions during the presentation in the chat.

    Feb 24, 2021

  • Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) Meeting – Part II

    Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) Meeting – Part IILIVE: The Drone Advisory Committee is holding a virtual meeting on key #drone integration issues. #DAC

    Feb 24, 2021

  • Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) Meeting

    Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) MeetingLIVE: The Drone Advisory Committee is holding a virtual meeting on key #drone integration issues. #DAC

    Feb 24, 2021

Cleared for Takeoff - Medium

  • “The Next Generation” of Aerospace Engineering

    In this interview, FAA aerospace engineer Kathleen Arrigotti tells us how Star Trek inspired her career in engineering, and how there are many paths to achieve a dream job in aerospace. Kathleen Arrigotti with husband Jack Burgess in the February Seattle snowstorm. (Photo provided by …

    Feb 25

  • The Cutting Edge of Aerospace Engineering

    In this interview, FAA aerospace engineer Andrew Sit recounts how he got involved in the aviation field and how the FAA keeps up with new technology. Andrew Sit in Glacier National Park. (Photo provided by Andrew Sit) What initially interested you in the aerospace field? What …

    Feb 24

  • Podcast: Ticket to Space

    Ticket to Space podcast cover art displays a rocket launch. What’s on the horizon for commercial space transportation Space — it’s big, it’s dark, and there’s so much that we don’t know about it yet. Every day, scientists are working to help us discover and uncover the wonders of space. Since 1969, when we watched …

    Feb 23

  • Training and Preparing for a New Flight Environment

    FAASTeam logo with the FAA seal. #FlySafe GA Safety Enhancement Topic A recent study of general aviation accidents suggests that in addition to pilot proficiency, transition training and experience in diverse flight environments can improve a pilot’s ability to recognize and successfully respond to new challenges. New Flight Environments and Experiences …

    Feb 19

  • From Legos to Rocket Launches: Collin Anderson Discusses his Aerospace Career at the FAA

    The safety inspector in the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Division answers questions about this fascinating new career and how he got involved in aerospace engineering. For the in-depth interview with Aerospace Engineer Collin Anderson, check out The Air Up There podcast episode, “Ticket to Space,” …

    Feb 19

  • How They Soared Above Adversity

    Some of the most legendary names in aviation are also civil rights pioneers, daring to soar above prejudice on the ground by breaking barriers in the sky. Tuskegee Airmen gathered at a U.S. base after a mission in the Mediterranean theater. You likely know the Tuskegee …

    Feb 18

  • Vaccine Flights Get Priority Treatment

    An Alaska Airlines 737–990ER landing at Portland International Airport, Ore. FAA air traffic facilities are working with airlines to ensure priority airspace access for flights carrying COVID-19 vaccines. By Daniel Glover, FAA Office of Communications The Food and Drug Administration granted emergency authorizations for the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines in mid-December 2020, and the FAA …

    Feb 12

  • Podcast: Drone Package Delivery

    Episode cover art; blue graphic shapes surround a picture of a drone carrying a package. The episode title is Drone Package Delivery. Delivery by drone demonstrates just how far airmail has come in a century. Airmail delivery is almost as old as aviation itself. The first formal U.S. airmail flight in the United States occurred in 1918. Imagine if those pioneers of yesteryear could have peered into the …

    Feb 11

  • Studying Sleep for Safety’s Sake

    A yawning pilot. The FAA’s Functional Genomics team is conducting cutting-edge research to better understand the relationship between fatigue and aviation safety, helping shape a safer future in the skies. By Callie Dosberg, FAA Office of Communications Ahhhh, sleep. It’s a universal human need, and if you’ve ever felt …

    Feb 10

  • Podcast: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine to its Destination

    Image of vaccine doses labeled Covid-19. Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine to its Destination. Aviation plays a critical role in the vaccine distribution effort. The COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort is a massive logistical operation perhaps unlike anything the nation has seen in modern history. It’s all hands on deck, and the FAA continues to play an essential role. In …

    Feb 3

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