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  • FAA Administrator Talks to TMZ About Unruly Passengers

    FAA Administrator Talks to TMZ About Unruly Passengers

    Jun 17, 2021

  • General Aviation Runway Safety Town Hall

    General Aviation Runway Safety Town HallThe FAA’s General Aviation Runway Safety Town Hall features Administrator Steve Dickson, GA pilots, and FAA experts as they discuss how to lower the risk of runway accidents. Airfield safety is one of the agency’s highest priorities. A live Q&A session follows.

    May 27, 2021

  • Safe Air Charter Workshop for Certificated Flight Instructors

    Safe Air Charter Workshop for Certificated Flight InstructorsIllegal air charter operations pose a serious safety hazard to the traveling public. The FAA works aggressively to shut down rogue operators and help passengers ensure the company they hire is legitimate. Learn more at

    Apr 16, 2021

  • From the Flight Deck - Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW)

    From the Flight Deck - Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW)Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW) is a medium to large airport located on the northwest edge of the city and 13 miles northwest of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The location makes it a convenient alternative for business travelers and major cargo operations along with general aviation and the military. AFW has a diverse traffic mix and a range of pilot experience levels. The runway configuration consists of two parallel runways and a straightforward taxiway system. Approaching from the north on an IFR approach to runway 16L, pilots may encounter traffic in or outbound to Northwest Regional Airport, 52F. There is no requirement for this traffic to talk with ATC, so heightened awareness is recommended. Another potential hazard is the vicinity of the Texas Motorsports Speedway, located 3 miles northeast of the airport. High intensity drone activity can be encountered 400 feet AGL and below. This video prepares pilots for hot spots and other challenges at AFW. FAA's From the Flight Deck video series uses cockpit mounted cameras to capture runway and taxiway footage and combines them with diagrams and visual graphics to clearly identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive items. Learn more at

    Jun 2, 2021

  • Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force Public Meeting – Afternoon Session

    Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force Public Meeting – Afternoon SessionThe FAA's Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force is comprised of leaders from the aviation industry and academia who provide strategies for the FAA to educate youth on the many career opportunities in aviation.

    Apr 12, 2021

Cleared for Takeoff - Medium

  • Regulatory Roadblock Reduction

    FAASTeam header logo. #FlySafe GA Safety Enhancement Topic An important component of reducing general aviation (GA) accidents is leveraging the rapid growth and evolution of technology in the aviation industry. The General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) believes that the FAA must continue to find ways to help …

    Jun 15

  • How the FAA is Increasing Aviation Safety in a State Like No Other: Alaska

    A Cessna Stationair rests on the lake at Port Alsworth, Alaska. By Shelly Larson, FAA Acting Regional Administrator for the Alaskan Region It’s not an exaggeration to say that when many Alaskans go to the grocery store, they’re actually going to the local airport. In a state where more than 80 percent of communities are accessible only by …

    Jun 10

  • Workforce Grant Program Draws Strong Public Response

    An aviation mechanic operating on an engine. The grant programs are designed to inspire students to pursue careers as pilots, engineers, drone operators, and mechanics. By Jim Tise, FAA Office of Communications Pat Watts, the FAA’s senior grants officer, knew the FAA’s workforce grants solicitation was going to be successful just an …

    Jun 2

  • For the FAA’s First Clinical Pharmacist, Family is the Best Medicine

    Dr. Kieu as a child with her family Dr. Vinh Kieu relies on her parents’ life lessons to benefit Aerospace Medicine. Dr. Vinh “Vickie” Kieu says her family gave her perspectives that make her successful in the FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine. Her work as a clinical pharmacist helps keep aviation safety professionals …

    May 27

  • Why Pilot Health is Vital for Safe Flying

    By Dr. Randy Georgemiller and Dr. Raymond E. King, FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine Everyone is vulnerable to the stresses of life. The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that 25% of the population develops one or more mental or behavioral disorders in their lifetime. The …

    May 24

  • 400 FAA-Licensed Space Launches — and Counting!

    400 FAA-Licensed Space Launches — and Counting! By Wayne Monteith, FAA Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation Thanks to incredible leaps in innovation coupled with a commitment to public safety, the world just witnessed the 400th FAA-licensed space launch. You may ask, why is the number …

    May 24

  • When Family and Public Service Meet

    Benny Kim’s family FAA Aviation Safety Inspector Benny Kim finds strength and inspiration in his children. Benny Kim with his wife, Megan, and their children. For FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI) Benny Kim, based in Riverside, California, the satisfaction he feels for current work in pursuit of safer …

    May 21

  • 75 Years Later, Airport Infrastructure Grants a Smart Investment

    The FAA’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP) is an example of a successful federal investment initiative that provides critical infrastructure grants to the airport — small and large — that are economic engines across the country. By Theresa L. Kraus, Ph.D., FAA Historian The Biden-Harris Administration is …

    May 10

  • From RC Hobbyist to UTM Researcher

    Building the infrastructure for the drones of tomorrow. By John Coggin, Chief Engineer at the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership John Coggin has run each of the major UAS traffic management (UTM) tests MAAP has led since 2015, a series that culminated last fall with …

    May 10

  • Remote ID and UTM: Just the Facts

    A drone at sunset FAA’s Jay Merkle clears the air around Remote ID misconceptions. By Jay Merkle, Executive Director of the FAA’s UAS Integration Office If you have a drone or are in the drone business, you may be wondering how the FAA’s Remote ID rule will affect the …

    May 7

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