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March April 2024 FAA Safety Briefing coverWeather Wisdom

The March/April 2024 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine focuses on aviation weather and its critical effect on safe GA flying. Articles review some of the many resources and tools pilots use to gather weather information as well as explore some of the trends revealed from weather-related accident data. We also sit down with the new FAA Administrator, Michael Whitaker, to discuss his take on general aviation safety. 

Download the March/April 2024 issue or use the links below to read each article online. 

Feature Articles

weather illustration

Building Confidence with the Conditions

How to Unleash Your Inner Weather Briefer

storm clouds over a wheat field

Pushing Your Luck

How Gambling on Weather Can Be Deadly

numerous hot air balloons flying in the sky

Expanding the Envelope with Aviation Weather

A Balloon Pilot’s Perspective on Microscale Meteorology

map of the united states with weather radar

A Fresh Forecast

Aviation Weather Under the Microscope

FAA Administrator Michael Whitaker

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

An Interview with FAA Administrator Michael Whitaker


Cloud with rays of sunshine beaming from behind it

Forecasting Safe Skies

Jumpseat: An Executive Policy Perspective

hands of a doctor and patient reviewing a paper on a clipboard

Reporting Disability Compensation

Aeromedical Advisory: A Checkup on All Things Aeromedical

weather briefing

What is a Briefing?

Checklist: FAA Resources and Safety Reminders

silhouette of a drone in front of a sunset

Fair Weather Flyers

Drone Debrief: Drone Safety Roundup

Man inspecting GA aircraft engine

Engine Oil 101

Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons: GA maintenance issues

Helicopter over a field

Don’t Strike Out

Vertically Speaking: Safety Issues for Rotorcraft Pilots

groundhog with a map of the US behind it

A Macro Lens on Weather

On Final: An Editor’s Perspective

man standing in front of a GA aircraft in snow

Bradford Sipperley, FAA General Aviation Group

Faces: FAA Employee Profile

Last updated: Monday, March 4, 2024