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May June 2023 cover of FAA Safety Briefing MagazineCreating a Safe Space

The May/June 2023 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine explores the FAA’s role in the exciting and rapidly growing world of commercial space. Feature articles take us behind the scenes with the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation and its critical safety oversight responsibilities. We also take a close look at spaceports and review how the FAA handles both safety and efficiency when it comes to protecting NAS users during launch and reentry operations.

Download the May/June 2023 issue or use the links below to read the articles on our blog. 

Feature Articles

flight path of a commercial space rocket launch

Space Race 2.0

Why the FAA is Aiming for the Stars

commercial space rocket launch

Let's Give 'em Some "Space"

How to Safely Steer Clear of Aircraft Hazard Areas During Spacecraft Launch and Reentry


All Systems Nose to Tail

How the FAA Ensures Public Safety at Commercial Space Launches

roadway sign that reads "international space station on ramp"

Spaceports Are Where the Spaceships Go

Explore the Dawn of the Commercial Spaceport


rocket in flight

A New Age for Space

Jumpseat: An Executive Policy Perspective

crew aboard a spacecraft

The Human Body in Space

Aeromedical Advisory: A Checkup on All Things Aeromedical

map of flight restricted areas around a spaceport

SUA in the USA

Checklist: FAA Resources and Safety Reminders

screenshots of b4ufly app

Drones and Space Launches

Drone Debrief: Drone Safety Roundup

NASA's aviation safety reporting system

See a Safety Issue? File a NASA Report

Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons: GA maintenance issues

Helicopter with a dust cloud behind it

Helicopter Wake Turbulence

Vertically Speaking: Safety Issues for Rotorcraft Pilots

rocket launch at night

With Stars in Their Eyes

On Final: An Editor’s Perspective

Glenn Rizner standing in front of a yellow GA plane

Glenn Rizner, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation

Faces: FAA Employee Profile

Last updated: Thursday, May 4, 2023