Section 1. General

  1. The USNOF is charged with monitoring the NS. The USNOF must monitor the NS for compliance with the criteria and procedures set forth in this order. When questions arise on NOTAM dissemination, formats, contractions, or other aspects of the distribution system, the USNOF should be consulted. The authority for NOTAM formats is the USNOF, who will ensure that issued NOTAMs are consistent with FAA policy. NOTAM originators and certified sources must comply with USNOF personnel guidance. Discrepancies in procedures or format must be recorded, and Aeronautical Information Services must forward a list of the discrepancies to Flight Services, Safety and Operations Support, Operational Procedures, and the service area office.
  2. Editing:
  1. The USNOF may edit any NOTAM (except FDC NOTAMs relating to instrument flight procedures) that does not conform to the formats and/or examples contained in this order. The contents of a NOTAM must not be changed without notifying the originating facility.


FDC NOTAMS relating to instrument approach and departure procedures are originated by the Mission Support Services - Aeronautical Information Services under the Flight Standards Service policy. ARTCCs must ensure the origination of NOTAMs pertaining to a Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR).

  1. Should the USNOF edit a NOTAM and change the intent, the NOTAM must be canceled by the issuing facility and reissued as a new NOTAM, after consultation with the USNOF.