Section 1. General Procedures

  1. Appendix B, International NOTAM (Q) Codes, contains the NOTAM codes used for international NOTAMs.
  2. International NOTAM offices that provide NOTAMs to the U.S. NOTAM office are listed in ICAO DOC 7383.
  3. International NOTAMs transmitted and received by the U.S. NOTAM Office are stored in the NS, and while current, may be retrieved by both Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network subscribers and FAA facilities via request/ reply. All facilities must use their particular equipment's keyboard equivalent of the closed parenthesis or the equal symbol as appropriate.
  4. The USNOF issues international NOTAMs concerning the GPS systems as well as certain special activity airspace for ARTCCs; that is, ARTCC and CARF altitude reservations (ALTRVs) and warning areas. Warning areas and ALTRVs are filed under the associated ARTCC ICAO location indicator (KZBW, KZHU, KZJX, KZLA, KZMA, KZNY, KZOA, KZSE, PAZA, PHZH, or TJZS). Information concerning permanent, long-term general data and selected foreign advisories are stored under KFDC location indicator. GPS information is stored under KNMH.
  5. United States International Security NOTAMs are issued under the accountability/location identifier of “KICZ” by the USNOF, using the keyword “SECURITY” in item E) of the international NOTAM based on need by the requesting office, System Operations Security. Issue the NOTAM with PERM instead of a cancellation date and cancel the NOTAM only at the request of the originating office, System Operations Security.
  1. The format of international NOTAMs is shown in TBL 8-1-1.

TBL 8-1-1

International NOTAM Format

A graphic depicting international NOTAM format.


NOTAMR (NOTAM replacement) and NOTAMC (NOTAM cancellation) are valid contractions and will be followed by another NOTAM number that is being replaced or cancelled.

  1. The following guidance relates to the body of the NOTAM. The NOTAM content is captured in an organized compilation of specific mandatory and optional fields. Each field has a specific place in the ICAO NOTAM format. The fields are:
  1. Item Q) - Encoded specific information about the NOTAM.
  2. Item A) - List of flight information regions or the aerodrome impacted by the NOTAM information.
  3. Item B) - Effective date/time.
  4. Item C) - Expiration date/time.
  5. Item D) - Schedule (optional).
  6. Item E) - Plain text description of the information.
  7. Item F) - Lower altitude limit (used with Airspace NOTAMs).
  8. Item G) - Upper altitude limit (used with Airspace NOTAMs).