The Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) launched a Safety Management System (SMS) pilot program for design and manufacturing (D&M) organizations, called Manufacturers Safety Management System (MSMS) in January 2011. During the pilot, led by the Aircraft Engineering Division's Safety Management Design and Analysis Branch (AIR-150), the FAA participated with industry to build an enhanced management system for safety using system safety principles. The FAA oversaw the implementation of MSMS at selected design and production approval holder organizations to establish the structure and expectations for implementation of D&M SMS. Specifically, AIR wanted to understand, through firsthand experience, how SMS could be applied to a diverse, but representative, set of D&M organizations to achieve full safety benefits and best use of oversight and industry resources.

The results of the pilot program are helping AIR develop oversight processes and tools, as well as validate SMS requirements. Feedback from participants will assist future rulemaking activities that may be needed to fully implement SMS.

For additional information contact:
Mike Reinert
System Performance and Development Branch
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