International Field Offices (IFO) and International Field Units (IFU):

  • Authorize operations to the United States by foreign air carriers
  • Approve maintenance programs and MELs and authorize certain other operations for U.S. registered aircraft used by foreign air carriers
  • Conduct surveillance of foreign air carriers operating into the United States
  • Conduct certification and surveillance of U.S. Foreign Repair Stations

IFOs and IFUs are assigned a particular geographic area and services. When contacting an IFO or IFU, you may be referred to another office that can meet your specific needs.


Anchorage International Field Unit (IFU)


Los Angeles International Field Office (IFO)


Miami International Field Office (IFO)

New York


Dallas/Ft. Worth International Field Office (IFO)


Seattle International Field Unit (IFU)


Frankfurt International Field Office (IFO)