Please note that our Hotline does not accept certain types of reports. If we receive these types of reports, you may not receive a response from our office. See recommended contacts for additional information.

The FAA Hotline accepts reports related to the safety of the National Airspace System, violation of a Federal Aviation Regulation (Title 14 CFR), aviation safety issues, and reports related to FAA employees or FAA facilities. The FAA Hotline provides a single venue for FAA employees, the aviation community and the public to file their reports.

In order to appropriately address your safety report, please provide as much detailed information as possible about your allegations to include:

  • what is the allegation or regulatory violation
  • who is the responsible party
  • when and where did it occur
  • possible witnesses, if any

We also ask that you provide your contact information in the event that the FAA needs additional information. Please note that anonymous reports are accepted.

Hotline web form


Fax: 202-267-9555

Mail: Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Audit and Evaluation
800 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20591
Attn: AAE-300, Room 911

Recommended other contacts

Please note we do not respond to requests to market ideas or products to the FAA or aviation industry. The following links will help you with related other issues and questions.