Office of the Chief Counsel
800 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20591
(202) 267-3073 Telephone
(202) 267-7971 Fax
AGC Phone Directory
Name Position
  Mark W. Bury Assistant Chief Counsel
  Lorelei A. Peter Deputy Assistant Chief Counsel
  Jonathan W. Cross Senior Attorney
  Kim L. Young Management & Program Analyst
Airworthiness and Advanced Aircraft Law Branch
  Paul Greer Senior Attorney
  Karen L. Petronis Senior Attorney
  Skip Averman Attorney
  Benjamin Borelli Attorney
  Benjamin Jacobs Attorney
  Katie Patrick Attorney
Operations Law Branch
  Robert Frenzel Manager
  Sara Mikolop Senior Attorney
  Bonnie Dragotto Attorney
  Dean E. Griffith Attorney
  Mary E. Mason Attorney
  Vinh Q. Nguyen Attorney
Air Traffic and Airman/Airport Certification Law Branch
  Anne F. Moore Senior Attorney
  Neal F. O'Hara Attorney
  Arlene D. Busch Program Support Specialist
Space Law Branch
  Laura D. Montgomery Manager
  Sabrina Jawed Attorney
  Alex Zektser Attorney
Legislation Branch
  Mary U. Walsh Associate Chief Counsel
  Laura R. Ponto Senior Attorney
  John C. Wood Attorney
  Ebony J. Powell Legal Assistant
International Affairs and Legal Policy Branch
  Michael B. Jennison Associate Chief Counsel
  Beverly J. Sharkey Senior Attorney
  Taria S. Barron Attorney
  Beth Weir Attorney
  Yvonne D. Cox Program Analyst