Office of the Chief Counsel
800 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20591

(202) 267-3480 Telephone
(202) 267-5261 FAX

Name Position
  Nathan S. Tash Assistant Chief Counsel
  Alan Martin Senior Attorney
  Nina L. Williams Paralegal Specialist
Contracts and Litigation Branch
  Greg C. Carter Manager
  Jane S. Converse Senior Attorney
  Robert Zuckerman Senior Attorney
  Kristin Kane Attorney
  Vi M. Pando Attorney
  Chin Pann Attorney
  Carlos L. Siso Attorney
  Tom Waters Attorney
Acquisition and Hearing Branch
  George P. Kinsey Manager
  Taria S. Barron Attorney
  Maureen Cummings-Spickler Attorney
  Melissa J. Dujnic Attorney
  R. Jason Miller Attorney
  Diana R. Rabinowitz Attorney
  Bill J. Selinger Attorney