Southwest Region
Office of the Regional Counsel, 6N-300
10101 Hillwood Parkway Drive
Fort Worth , Texas 76177

(817) 222-5099 Telephone
(817) 222-5945/5092 Fax
AGC Phone Directory
Name Position
  Eric Anderson Regional Counsel
  Becky Holmes Attorney
  Lemuel Thomas Attorney - AIP
  Emily Tueller Attorney
  Linda O. Scott Management & Program Analyst
  Rena M. Price Manager - Safety Enforcement
  Yolanda A. Bernal Senior Attorney
  Annjenet Chennault Attorney
  Cade S. Miller Attorney
  Parisa Naraghi-Arani Attorney
  Greg S. Lander Attorney [detailed from AFS]
  Kathryn J. Wilson Management & Program Analyst
  Aileen C. Ayala Program Analyst
  Sylvia C. Twa Paralegal Specialist
  William (Kim) K. Tolar Manager - Gen. Litigation & Rulemaking
  James Archier Senior Attorney
  Loretta A. Barlow Senior Attorney
  Theresa D. Dunn Senior Attorney
  Raymond A. Martinez Senior Attorney
  Elizabeth M. Glass Attorney
  Marquitta L. Robinson Paralegal Specialist