Organizational Chart (PDF)

Management Services
Geofrey Frazier

In collaboration with our partners and stakeholders, Management Services provides effective, innovative and economical business solutions that exceed customers' expectations while promoting a highly skilled workforce and positive team environment.

NAS Systems Engineering and Integration
Michele Merkle

NAS Systems Engineering Services designs and maintains the National Airspace System (NAS) Enterprise Architecture, and provides systems engineering and safety leadership to bridge the gap between today's NAS and the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

Portfolio Management & Technology Development
Paul Fontaine

Portfolio Management & Technology Development Office manages NAS evolution through management of NAS operational requirements and the NAS Operational Concept. We provide development, assessment and refinement of NAS concepts to ensure feasibility and viability within the NAS. We coordinate research and execute engineering, analysis and evaluation in support of mission and investment analysis. And we develop and conduct studies and demonstrations to prove concepts.

William J. Hughes Technical Center
Shelley Yak (A)

The William J. Hughes Technical Center provides strategic direction to the FAA Research and Development program; manages the RE&D budget process; serves as the FAA's Federal Laboratory for Aviation and Air Transportation Systems and serves as the FAA's Operational Test and Evaluation agent.

NextGen Performance & Outreach
Jessica Sypniewski

The NextGen Performance & Outreach Office provides strategic messaging around NextGen progress, enables successful NextGen collaboration and decision-making with internal and external stakeholders and reports on NextGen performance outcome measurements.

Interagency Planning Office
Ted Mercer

The Interagency Planning Office for NextGen executes recommendations of the Senior Policy Committee and the NextGen Executive Board. It provides an environment for transparent multi-agency coordination and engagement through work groups, meetings and workshops; integrates NextGen multi-agency research and development requirements and facilitates transfer between agencies by enabling Research Transition Teams and work groups; and leverages industry and academia expertise through the NextGen Institute.