Leadership Development

Our contribution to the growth of leadership skills in foreign aviation professionals is an integral component of developing civil aviation organizations worldwide. We are committed to investing in people who will drive aviation safety and efficiency improvement within their aviation authorities. The FAA promotes developmental opportunities for current of potential foreign leaders to mentor and influence aviation leaders and enhance foreign aviation expertise. We are continually looking for new opportunities to develop programs that teach junior level aviation professionals best practices in strategic planning, program management, regulatory practices and organizational development.

By FY 2013, the FAA is planning to work with at least 18 countries or regional organizations to develop aviation leaders to strengthen the global aviation infrastructure. FAA has been successful in the development and recommendation of aviation-focused programs such as the Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) process, Executive Management Development Training, and management courses at the FAA Academy.

  • International Visitor Leadership Program
  • Executive Management Development Training

FAA Academy Training Opportunities

The FAA Academy is committed to improving worldwide aviation safety by providing quality training and related service to the international community. The Academy offers a wide range of training including Technical Operations, Airworthiness, Avionics, Aircraft Certification, Airports, Air Traffic Control, Flight Inspection, Aviation English and Management. And most of the FAA's training courses are offered to International participants. The International Training Program (ITP) is responsible for enrolling international participants and can provide additional information on training courses available at the FAA Academy.