The FAA's technical assistance programs facilitate delivery of FAA experts and knowledge to foreign civil aviation authorities around the world. Agreements for the provision of services are conducted on a government-to-government basis, generally between the FAA and the foreign civil aviation authority. The recipient country generally reimburses FAA for the cost of the technical assistance.

The FAA has nearly 400 technical assistance agreements with other countries. These agreements cover the entire spectrum of civil aviation activities and include the following:

Training: Each year, FAA arranges training for international officials from more than 50 countries at the FAA Academy and at U.S. industry and academic institutions.

Flight Inspection: FAA flight inspection crews inspect and calibrate navigational aids worldwide.

Equipment: The FAA supplies other countries with new and used equipment common to the FAA National Airspace System.

Spare Parts and Repair Services: Civil aviation authorities are encouraged to obtain spare parts and repair of equipment through FAA.

Cooperative Agreements: Cooperative agreements are arranged with foreign aviation authorities to exchange technical information and pursue joint technical projects, including R&D activities.

In-country Technical Assistance: FAA experts work with other countries to improve aviation safety. Experts are dispatched on short-term assignments to address specific problems and conduct surveys, studies, etc. Long-term assistance is provided by civil aviation assistance groups comprised of resident FAA advisers who assist in the development of a country's aviation system. The FAA has provided experts in the following areas:

  • Systems design and planning
  • Equipment installation and maintenance
  • Airworthiness maintenance
  • Type certification
  • Air traffic control procedures
  • Airport operations and standards

For more detailed information on the technical assistance activities that are available from FAA, please contact the FAA Senior Representative or Desk Officer for your country.