AEDT is a software system that dynamically models aircraft performance in space and time to produce fuel burn, emissions and noise. Full flight gate-to-gate analyses are possible for study sizes ranging from a single flight at an airport to scenarios at the regional, national, and global levels. AEDT is currently used by the U.S. government to consider the interdependencies between aircraft-related fuel burn, noise and emissions.

In 2014, AEDT2b will also become the next generation aviation environmental consequence tool, replacing the current public-use aviation air quality and noise analysis tools such as the Integrated Noise Model (INM – single airport noise analysis) and the Emissions and Dispersion Modeling System (EDMS – single airport emissions analysis).

You can find information on obtaining AEDT (FAA employees see below), as well as links to AEDT documentation and FAA guidance, on the official website for AEDT at

Note to FAA employees: FAA employees that want to obtain AEDT 2a can contact the National Service Center at to request it. The NSC will send a software request form for you to complete. Allow at least one hour for an IT technician to install AEDT 2a.