Our Mission

AMA-250 fulfills the Flight Standards Service of the Aviation Safety Line of Business, domestic and worldwide air carrier and general aviation training needs. This is centered on FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) who have responsibilities for airworthiness, including Management ASIs and other like FAA technical support professionals. This training may include students from other Services such as Aircraft Certification (AIR) and Security and Hazardous Material Safety (ASH), and industry personnel in some courses.

Classes that are conducted across various lines of business include Safety Management Systems (SMS), Air Transportation and Oversight Systems (ATOS), and Evaluation of Aviation Management Systems.

The training begins with new-hire indoctrination and continues with technical, certification and surveillance skill set development training throughout the FAA airworthiness professional's FAA career. A wide array of training methods and techniques are used to continually improve training outcomes, enhancing the abilities of our FAA public safety professionals.

In Fiscal Year 2011 the AMA-250 Airworthiness Branch conducted 245 classes with completions of 4,041 learners.

Manager: Keith DeBerry

Telephone: (405) 954-6952

Fax: (405) 954-1540

Airworthiness Course Listing
Course Number Course Title Available to Industry
21000060 ACAW Paws #2  
21400001 AFS Designee Management for Personnel  
21000056 Air Cargo Operations  
21000019 Air Carrier AWR Practical Application Workshop (PAWS)  
21000051 Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) for ASI's  
21811 Aircraft Alterations & Repair X
21000079 Aircraft Evaluation. Group (AEG) & AFS/AIR Interface Workshop  
21054 Airworthiness Indoctrination  
21000052 ATOS for PI's & Managers  
21000065 Avionics Major Alterations X
21058 Certification & Surveillance of Part 145 Repair Stations X
25712 Continuing Analysis & Surveillance Systems (CASS) X
21000081 EnRoute  
22600 Evaluation of Aviation Management Systems  
21000033 Extended Operations (ETOPS)  
21000064 GAAW Paw  
21056 General Aviation Airworthiness (GAWW) Indoctrination  
21000068 International Aviation Safety Assessment Initial  
21000039 International Civil Aviation for Inspectors  
21000018 Introduction to Safety Management Systems  
21000083 Night Vision Imaging System FAM I  
21400004 Oversight of Contract Maintenance  
21000059 Safety Management Systems (SMS)  
21051 Structural Inspection Program Evaluation  
21026 Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPS)  
21000045 System Safety for Industry  
27100158 Written Communication for Field Managers (Blackboard)