Our Mission

AMA-240 provides a wide array of training for Air Carrier Operations Aviation Safety Inspectors that includes both general initial and recurrent training as well as specific training for cabin safety, dispatcher, and pilot sub-specialties.

Pilot-specific courses include B-737 initial and Recurrent training conducted in accordance with a Part 142 Training Center. Other pilot oriented courses include Flight Simulator Evaluation; Part 142 Training Centers; and Authorization and Surveillance of Contracted Training for Air Carriers and Operators.

More generalized courses include Air Carrier Practical Application Workshop; WebOPPS; Flight Validation of satellite-Based Performance-based Instrument Flight Procedures; Oceanic and International operations; and Flight Dispatcher Indoctrination.

The Flight Standards National Field Office (AFS-900) is also represented by courses in Crew Resources Management (CRM) and Aviation Safety Action Programs (ASAP).

In addition to conducting the above mentioned courses, AMA-240 instructors play an active and vital role in the development and revision of courses in concert with the Training Development Division (AFS-500) and the various policy divisions (AFS-200, AFS-900, etc.).

In Fiscal Year 2011 the AMA-240 Air Transportation Operations Branch conducted 179 classes with completions of 1,377 learners.

Manager: Gerald Milburn

Telephone: (405) 954-6951

Fax: (405) 954-0240

Air Carrier Ops Course Listing
Course Number Name of Course Available to Industry
2000004 142 Instructor and Evaluator Initial Training  
2000005 142 Instructor and Evaluator Recurrent Training  
21047 ADMIN SUPPORT- Flight Dispatcher Indoctrination  
21000043 Advanced Simulator Evaluation  
21621 Air Carrier Job Functions Recurrent  
21000049 Air Carrier Operations Practical Application Workshop (PAW)  
21000072 Authorization And Surveillance of Contracted Training For Air Carriers And Operators  
21430 Aviation Safety Action Programs (ASAP) X
21060 B737-800 Pilot Initial Qualification  
21061 B737-800 Pilot Recurrent / Differences Qualification  
12037 CRM Recurrent for CFR Air Carrier Inspectors (Simulator)  
22102 Flight Simulator Evaluation X
21000061 Flight Validation of Satellite-Based Performance-Based Instrument Flight Procedures X
23006 Introduction to Simfinity  
21000088 Oceanic And International Operations  
21000028 Part 142 Training Centers X
21000058 WebOPSS (Operational Safety Systems for ASI's) X
21000063 WebOPSS for Industry X