Our organization is responsible for the development of ATO's Safety Management System and the integration of safety and training standards into the provision of air traffic services. We also lead organizational efforts to manage risk, assure quality standards, instill an open culture of disclosure, educate employees and promote continuous improvement. We provide training programs that will produce the highly skilled technical workforce needed as the FAA transitions to the Next Generation Air Transportation System.


Air Traffic Organization 2013 Safety Report Air Traffic Organization 2013 Safety Report
The FAA continues to consistently meet, and often exceed, its own increasingly demanding performance targets. This success is not by chance, it is built on a proactive Safety Management System that begins with front line employees, is supported by a comprehensive safety culture, and helps focus resources on understanding and fixing potential problems. Read Report » (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Air Traffic Organization 2012 Safety Report Air Traffic Organization 2012 Safety Report
This past year was one of major transformation for Air Traffic Control safety in the FAA: from implementing complex systems that will fundamentally transform Air Traffic Management to revamping the way we measure risk. We have effectively made the largest and most significant improvements in the last 30 years to the way risk and safety performance are managed in the United States. Read Report » (PDF, 4.4 MB)

Runway Safety Report 2011-2012 Runway Safety Report 2011-2012
Runway safety is everyone's business. Working with stakeholders such as airlines, industry, pilot groups, and FAA lines of business, the Runway Safety Group has developed innovative programs and techniques to reduce the number and severity of surface incidents, including implementing the international standard phraseology "line up and wait" and requiring explicit taxi instructions for runway crossings. Read Report » (PDF, 5.1 MB)


canso: civil air navigation services organization IHS Jane's ATC Awards 2013 Acclaim the Best of Breed
Winner FAA ATO - Proactive Safety Management initiative
The FAA Air Traffic Organization continues to implement a Proactive Safety Management strategy that focuses on data collection, analysis and systematic identification and removal of risk as a core organizational value; committing resources to identify, prioritize and mitigate the most severe hazards in US airspace; and implementing the largest voluntary reporting system in the world. Read More


Safety Management System and Air Traffic Control Safety
National Research Council, NextGen and the NAS Enterprise Architecture Committee, May 8, 2013, given by Joseph Teixeira, Air Traffic Organization Vice President of Safety and Technical Training. View Presentation (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Improving Aviation Safety: An Air Traffic Control Perspective
Transportation Research Board 2013 Annual Meeting, Federal Transit Authority Panel on Transit Safety, January 14, 2013, given by Joseph Teixeira, Air Traffic Organization Vice President of Safety and Technical Training. View Presentation (PDF, 1 MB)


Controllers Save Lives
Just another day in the extraordinary lives of our FAA Air Traffic Controllers. Safety in the FAA takes everyone, everywhere, everyday. Watch Video »

Safe on the Ground
Constantly changing conditions on complex active surfaces pose challenges for aircraft. Runway Safety keeps them safe. Watch Video »

The Big Picture
Quality Assurance connects the dots to see and modify the big picture in safety. Watch Video »

SMS Stew
The Safety Management System is a lot of safety, but it boils down to this: Find safety problems and fix them. Watch Video »

What We Fix
The Top 5 reveals new risks and helps us fix them. Watch Video »

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