photo of Jeanne Giering

Jeanne Giering,
Director, Flight Service Operations


The mission of Flight Service is to:

  • Promote safe and expeditious flights in the National Airspace System (NAS).
  • Ensure accessibility to timely aeronautical and meteorological information.
  • Provide customer oriented, value-added services.
  • Support the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) as it achieves its global strategies of air traffic management harmonization, standardization, advocacy, and technical and operational support.
  • Integrate an upgraded and modernized system to provide flight service for the Contiguous United States (CONUS), Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.


Flight Service manages program objectives, strategies and plans for providing preflight planning, inflight advisory operations, and search and rescue coordination services both in Alaska (overseen exclusively by government personnel) and the CONUS, Puerto Rico and Hawaii (managed by the A-76 contract Service Provider, Lockheed Martin). Flight Service ensures that Lockheed Martin fulfills the obligations of the A-76 contract and meets established Performance Measures. In addition, Flight Service provides oversight of flight services performance, costs and customer satisfaction within the National Airspace System (NAS).

What We Do

In the CONUS, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico there are currently three Flight Service facilities operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) and two part-time facilities whose hours vary. Most CONUS Flight Service Stations (FSSs) are air traffic facilities which provide pilot briefings, flight plan processing, inflight radio communications, search and rescue (SAR) services, and assistance to lost aircraft and aircraft in emergency situations. FSSs also relay Air Traffic Control (ATC) clearances, process NOTAMs, broadcast aviation meteorological and aeronautical information, and notify Customs and Border Protection of trans border flights. In addition, at selected locations, FSSs provide Enroute Flight Advisory Service (EFAS) and Airport Advisory Service (AAS).

FSS Continuing Facilities and Hub Locations

Guiding Principles

  • Safety as the Highest Priority
  • Foster Web-based Services and Automation
  • Strengthen FAA-Pilot Relationships
  • Improve the User Experience
  • Technological Innovation and Leadership
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Efficiency