Wide Area Augmentation System - Benefits

The WAAS will allow GPS to be used as a primary means of navigation from takeoff through Category I precision approach. Other modes of transportation also benefit from the increased accuracy, availability, and integrity that WAAS delivers. The WAAS broadcast message improves GPS signal accuracy from 100 meters to approximately 7 meters.

The benefits of WAAS to civil aviation will be substantial. WAAS improves the efficiency of aviation operations due to:

  1. Greater runway capability
  2. Reduced separation standards which allow increased capacity in a given airspace without increased risk
  3. More direct enroute flight paths.
  4. New precision approach services
  5. Reduced and simplified equipment on board aircraft
  6. Significant government cost savings due to the elimination of maintenance costs associated with older, more expensive ground-based navigation aids (to include NDBs, VORs, DMEs, and most Category 1 ILSs)