Application Process for Medical Certification

Application Review - Item 59. Other Tests Given

Additional medical information may be furnished through additional history taking, further clinical examination procedures, and supplemental laboratory procedures.

On rare occasions, even surgical procedures such as biopsies may be indicated. As a designee of the FAA Administrator, the Examiner has limited authority to apply 14 CFR 67.413 in processing applications for medical certification. When an Examiner determines that there is a need for additional medical information, based upon history and findings, the Examiner is authorized to request prior hospital and outpatient records and to request supplementary examinations including laboratory testing and examinations by appropriate medical specialists.

The Examiner should discuss the need with the applicant. The applicant should be advised of the types of additional examinations required and the type of medical specialist to be consulted. Responsibility for ensuring that these examinations are forwarded and that any charges or fees are paid will rest with the applicant. All reports should be forwarded to the AMCD, unless otherwise directed (such as by a RFS).

Whenever, in the Examiner's opinion, medical records are necessary to evaluate an applicant's medical fitness, the Examiner should request that the applicant sign an authorization for the Release of Medical Information. The Examiner should forward this authorization to the custodian of the applicant's records so that the information contained in the record may be obtained for attachment to the report of medical examination.