Application Process for Medical Certification

Examination Techniques
Items 31-34. Eye

For guidance regarding the conduction of visual acuity, field of vision, heterophoria, and color vision tests, please refer to Items 50-54.

The examination of the eyes should be directed toward the discovery of diseases or defects that may cause a failure in visual function while flying or discomfort sufficient to interfere with safely performing airman duties.

The Examiner should personally explore the applicant's history by asking questions concerning any changes in vision, unusual visual experiences (halos, scintillations, etc.), sensitivity to light, injuries, surgery, or current use of medication. Does the applicant report inordinate difficulties with eye fatigue or strain? Is there a history of serious eye disease such as glaucoma or other disease commonly associated with secondary eye changes, such as diabetes? (Also see Item 53 and Item 54).