Application Process for Medical Certification

General Information - Airman Appeals
Request for Reconsideration

An Examiner's denial of a medical certificate is not a final FAA denial. An applicant may ask for reconsideration of an Examiner's denial by submitting a request in writing to:
Federal Air Surgeon
ATTN: Manager, Aerospace Medical Certification Division, AAM-331
Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
Federal Aviation Administration
P.O. Box 26200
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0080

The AMCD will provide initial reconsideration. Some cases may be referred to the appropriate RFS for action. If the AMCD, or a RFS finds that the applicant is not qualified, the applicant is denied and advised of further reconsideration and appeal procedures. These may include reconsideration by the Federal Air Surgeon and/or petition for National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) review.