Application Process for Medical Certification

General Information - Replacement of Medical Certificates
Medical certificates that are lost or accidentally destroyed may be replaced upon proper application provided such certificates have not expired. The request should be sent to:
Aerospace Medical Certification Division, AAM-331
Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
Federal Aviation Administration
P.O. Box 26200
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0080

The airman's request for replacement must be accompanied by a remittance of two dollars ($2) (check or money order) made payable to the FAA. This request must include the:
  • airman's full name and date of birth;
  • class of certificate;
  • place and date of examination;
  • name of the Examiner; and
  • circumstances of the loss or destruction of the original certificate.

The replacement certificate will be prepared in the same manner as the missing certificate and will bear the same date of examination regardless of when it is issued.

In an emergency, contact your RFS or the Manager, AMCD, AAM 300, at above address or by facsimile at 405-954-4300 for certification verification only.