FAA's national airspace redesign (NAR) efforts are intended to enhance air traffic capacity, improve the flow of air traffic, and meet the growing demands for air travel. Airspace redesign efforts play a critical role in transitioning to more flexible air traffic routing and reducing flight delays.

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Airspace Redesign Project Environmental Documentation

Optimization of Airspace in the Metroplex (OAPM)

The goal of OAPM is to ensure that, as NextGen is developed, procedures and resources are in place to ensure safe, expeditious, and cost effective methods of moving aircraft (OAPM Environmental Website) .

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

PBN provides a basis for the design and implementation of automated flight paths as well as for airspace design and obstacle clearance. The two main components of PBN framework are Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP).

Special Use Airspace (SUA)

ATO's Environmental Policy Team coordinates NEPA reviews for establishment of and changes to SUA as requested by other agencies that use SUA, like DoD. The team processes requests for FAA to act as a cooperating agency for NEPA reviews conducted by other agency users of SUA, and ensures FAA's compliance with NEPA for all actions involving SUA.

The NAVLEAN program expedites deployment of PBN procedures and includes recommendations for improving and streamlining the process of developing and implementing instrument flight procedures (IFP). ATO and Aviation Safety (AVS) sponsors directed the development of an implementation plan for NAVLEAN recommendations.

Other Completed & Ongoing ATO Projects