The abridged version of the U.S. RVSM Approvals database and the Canadian approvals database are available below in Excel and PDF format. For Additional information or changes to this database please contact NAARMO.

Beginning August 20, 2013, this report will no longer be restricted to a 2-year lookback.

AGHME Monitoring Status Results

Including all AGHME monitoring flights for ACY, ICT(excluding 7/6/15, 3/19/15-3/31/15),PDX,PHX,YOW,YQL (excluding 7/6/15);all sites(excluding 12 Dec 05- 30 Jan 06); 4 Oct 2016

** This is a database of aircraft that have at least obtained RVSM airworthiness. If your aircraft does not appear in this database, it is not an indication of an unsuccessful AGHME monitoring flight.

** AGHME monitoring data is processed within 4-6 weeks.

** If your AGHME monitoring flight was during or prior to July 2005 please refer to the following files: