Based on widespread flight cancellations in March and April 2008 resulting from compliance issues found during an FAA oversight audit of airworthiness directives (ADs), the Independent Review Team (IRT) and Airworthiness Directive Compliance Review Team (AD CRT) were chartered to develop specific recommendations to improve the FAA’s safety culture and implementation of its safety systems, and airworthiness directive development and implementation processes. Both teams issued reports that discuss the respective team charters, activities, and final recommendations:

AD ARC Activities and Products

In August 2009, the FAA chartered the Airworthiness Directive Implementation Aviation Rulemaking Committee (AD ARC) to evaluate and address the recommendations of the IRT and AD CRT relating to ADs. The AD ARC created working groups to support the review of the recommendations. These working groups developed working papers to document their review, analysis, and decisions.

The AD ARC completed the tasks defined in the charter (PDF) in August 2011, and issued its final report (PDF) outlining its membership, activities, deliverables and implementing actions.

The AD ARC deliverables and implementing actions are intended to improve:

  • manufacturer (design approval holder) development of service instructions addressing airworthiness corrective actions,
  • FAA AD development and oversight activities, and
  • operator planning, accomplishment and maintenance of airworthiness corrective actions.

The AD ARC deliverables and implementing actions include:

  • new or revised FAA guidance documents and orders,
  • industry guidance documents, and
  • FAA and industry training.

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