The FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency/Joint Aivation Authority (EASA/JAA) established the Type Validation Principles Agreement to guide the type certification of each others products. These principles were incorporated into FAA Order 8110.52, Type Validation and Post-Type Validation Procedures. The Order contains general procedures Aircraft Certification Offices (ACO) and Directorate Standards Staff are to follow when conducting validations.

Validation Items (VI) & Standards Differences (SD)

  • Each authority is obligated to publish and periodically update a list of generic VIs and SDs for current amendment pairs. For FAA, the Directorate Standards Staff is responsible to develop these lists.
  • The generic VIs and SDs are regulations, identified by each authority, that must be actively reviewed for all type validations of engine products. Some items may be retained, others may be delegated, depending on complexity and experience, and some may not be applicable. For FAA, ACOs are responsible to make these determinations.

Engine VI /SD Lists

Propeller VI/SD Lists