Once a propeller model has successfully completed the type certification requirements of 14 CFR part 35, and a type certificate has been issued, the propeller must meet the aircraft installation requirements of Subpart E and other applicable aircraft certification requirement of (i.e. part 23 or part 25). The installation must also meet the noise requirements of part 36.

The FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) responsible for the specific aircraft certification programs in which the propeller will be installed is responsible for the propeller installation.

Installation requirements for various design aircraft

  • Small airplanes, 14 CFR part 23, subpart E
  • Transport category airplanes, 14 CFR part 25, subpart E

Responsible FAA organizations

Propeller installation guidance

  • AC 20-66, Vibration Evaluation of Aircraft Propellers
  • AC 23-16, Powerplant Guide for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes
  • AC 25.905-1, Minimizing the Hazards from Propeller Blade and Hub Failures
  • AC 35.1. Certification of Propellers
  • ANE-2003-35-1-R0 Policy for Propeller Ice Protection Equipment