During the past century, wildlife-aircraft strikes have resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives worldwide, as well as billions of dollars in aircraft damage. The FAA maintains a comprehensive program to address wildlife hazards. Through policy and guidance, research and outreach, we strive to stay ahead of the issue.

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Wildlife Strike Reporting

Wildlife-Related Regulations

  • 14 CFR 139 Section 139.337
    Identifies the responsibilities certified Airport Operators have with respect to hazardous wildlife issues

Wildlife Hazard Management at Airports

A Manual for Airport Personnel

Reports on Wildlife Strikes to Aircraft

Wildlife Hazard Assessments

Wildlife Guidance

Wildlife-Related Advisory Circulars
Number Title
150/5200-32 Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes
150/5200-33 Hazardous Wildlife Attractants On or Near Airports
150/5200-34 Construction or Establishment of Landfills near Public Airports
150/5200-36 Hazardous Wildlife Attractants On or Near Airports
150/5200-38 Protocol for the Conduct and Review of Wildlife Hazard Site Visits, Wildlife Hazard Assessments, and Wildlife Hazard Management Plans (to be issued)

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Wildlife-Related CertAlerts
Number Title
14-01 Seasonal Mitigation of Hazardous Species at Airports: Attention to Snowy Owls (PDF)
13-01 Federal and State Depredation Permit Assistance (PDF)
06-07 Requests by State Wildlife Agencies to Facilitate and Encourage Habitat for State-Listed Threatened and Endangered Species and Species of Special Concern on Airports (PDF)
04-16 Deer Hazard to Aircraft and Deer Fencing (PDF)
98-05 Grasses Attractive To Hazardous Wildlife (PDF)

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