Phone and Fax Numbers

  • Phone: (907) 271-5438
  • Fax: (907) 271-2851

Mailing and Physical Addresses

Mailing and Physical Addresses
Mailing Address Physical Address
Federal Aviation Administration
Alaskan Region
Airports Division (AAL-600)
222 W. 7th Ave, M/S #14
Anchorage, AK 99513-7587
Federal Aviation Administration
Alaskan Region
Airports Division (AAL-600)
222 W. 7th Avenue,
Third Floor - Room 326
Anchorage, AK 99513-7587

Contact Information

Office of the Division Manager, AAL-600
Name Title Routing Code Phone
Byron K. Huffman Division Manager AAL-600 (907) 271-5438
Mary Gilbert Administrative Officer AAL-602 (907) 271-5459
Craig Harrison Management Assistant AAL-600A (907) 271-5438
Molly Lamrouex Airport Compliance Specialist AAL-606 (907) 271-5439
Matthew Stearns Lead Airport Certification Safety Inspector AAL-604 (907) 271-5444
Sharzae' Cameron Airports Program Analyst AAL-603 (907) 271-5816
Gayle Ellsworth Airports Program Specialist AAL-600B (907) 271-3813
Randy Kuehler Airport Certification Safety Inspector AAL-605 (907) 271-5454
Office of the Deputy Manager, AAL-601
Name Title Routing Code Phone
Kristi A. Warden Deputy Division Manager AAL-601 (907) 271-5438
Mike Edelmann Project Manager AAL-618 (907) 271-5026
Ryan Feil Project Manager AAL-622 (907) 271-5202
Matthew Freeman Northern Region Project Manager AAL-624 (907) 271-5455
Brad Garland AIP Program Manager AAL-610 (907) 271-5460
Leslie Grey Lead Environmental Program Manager AAL-611 (907) 271-5453
VACANT Environmental Protection Specialist AAL-616 (907) 271-3665
Tyson Price Project Manager AAL-625 (907) 271-5025
Katrina Moss Central Region Airport Planner AAL-615 (907) 271-5448
Patricia Oien Lead Planner AAL-612 (907) 271-5445
Keith Gordon Environmental Protection Specialist AAL-614 (907) 271-5030
Krisjon Tabisola Project Manager AAL-623 (907) 271-3785
Patrick Zettler Lead Civil Engineer AAL-621 (907) 271-5446

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with guidance and leadership in the planning, development, and operation of the airport system in Alaska.
  • Enable air transportation services to be delivered in a safe and efficient manner, incorporating community and environmental needs.

Our Vision

  • Cohesive team with clear understanding of roles and responsibilities.
  • Full automation to input, manage, and dissmeinate all program information.
  • Be a vital resource and recognized as experts in airport planning, development, and operation.
  • Effective community/user involvement programs.
  • Sufficient staff that is trained, motivated, challenged, and valued.
  • Education and market airport division services to all users.
  • Encourage State to establish dedicated airport fund and pursue all aviation revenue sources to adequately fund maintenance.

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