Airport owners that desire to sell a portion of their airport property should contact the FAA compliance specialist to determine the extent of Federal obligations associated with the tract of land in question. Any release, modification, reformation or amendment of an airport agreement between the owner and the United States must be based on a request made in writing and signed by a duly authorized official of the public agency that owns the airport.

Required Documentation

Although no special form is required, an owner's request should be specific, as applicable and known. Please address the following in your request:

  1. What is requested?
  2. What agreement(s) with the United States are involved?
  3. Why the release, modification, reformation or amendment is requested?
  4. What facts and circumstances justify the request?
  5. What requirements of state or local law or ordinance should be provided for in the language of a FAA issued document if the request is consented to or granted?
  6. What property or facilities are involved?
  7. How the property was acquired or obtained by the airport owner?
  8. What is the present condition and what present use is made of any property or facilities involved?
  9. What use or disposition will be made of the property or facilities?
  10. What is the appraised fair market value of the property or facilities. Appraisals or other evidence required to establish fair market value?
  11. What proceeds are expected from the use or disposition of the property and what will be done with any net revenues derived?
  12. A comparison of the relative advantage or benefit to the airport from sale or other disposition as opposed to retention for rental income?

Exhibits to Accompany Request

Each request should have a scaled drawing attached showing all airport property and airport facilities which are currently obligated for airport purposes by agreements with the United States. Attach other exhibits such as maps, photographs, plans and appraisal report, which support or justify the request.

Airport Layout Plan

Airport owners must revise their Airport Layout Plan (ALP) to reflect the changes to land areas and airport facilities the result from their actions. The sponsor shall include a brief narrative that outlines the rationale used in arriving at the revised plan, i.e., crosswind coverage with only the N/S and NW/SE runways, taxiing patterns to be established, how clearance lines were established, and what kind of aircraft and numbers of operations were assumed in preparing the revised plan.

Release of Maintenance Obligations

Requests for the release of maintenance obligations do not require items 9,10, and 11 as noted above.